Pt 2: Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

August 12, 2023

Series: Why Me?

The question has crossed our minds time and time again as we observe and experience the fallen nature of the world we live in: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Listen to our Senior leader Joel Maillet open the scriptures in order to find the answers to this pressing issue. We will be considering the lives of many Godly people throughout the scriptures who suffered, while asking deeper questions on the subject of suffering such as: Who among us qualifies as “good”? Is our labeling of events as “bad things” accurate? Does God cause suffering? How does He use suffering? This teaching will correct the lens through which you see your trials!

We discuss:

  • Paul’s sufferings, including the “thorn in the flesh,” as a way to prove his apostleship and to keep him humble.
  • The Corinthian Church’s challenges, particularly their behavior, struggles, and Paul’s deep love for them despite their issues.
  • We are called to love those who hurt us, and in doing so, join in the sufferings of Paul and ultimately of Christ. The betrayal and hurt that we experience from others which we label as “bad things” are in fact a result of loving the way God has called us to love.