At our Family Church in Tampa, FL

“Our Mission is to see lives awakened and families strengthened within a missional community by creating opportunities for Jesus Christ to reveal and manifest Himself.”

“Jesus Revealed and Manifested”

At the center of everything we do is Jesus; we want to see Him Revealed and Manifested.

 “Revelation” comes when knowledge penetrates our hearts into deep conviction, becoming our true reality. Revelation takes place through prayer, relationships, studying and hearing the scriptures, and worship, among many other means. As we pursue God, we begin to see Him more clearly, and the Holy Spirit reveals to us the reality of Jesus in a greater measure.

 “Manifestation” takes place when these realities bring about a physical and measurable change in our lives. We see this in holy living, transformed thinking, empowerment, signs, wonders, miracles, evangelism, activation in our callings, and operation in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

“Revelation and Manifestation Opportunities”

We create opportunities for people to encounter God through every means possible; sharing a meal, playing at the playground, Bible Study in our homes, and of course, our Sunday Morning experiences. We call these “Revelation and Manifestation Opportunities”, or “RMOs”. Through these RMOs, we see these 3 primary results:

1. “Lives Awakened” – There are 3 ways that lives are awakened in the Christian Faith. The first is to be awakened to “Peace With God.” This is the initial decision to make Jesus your Lord and Savior, beginning the journey of becoming like Him and finding peace. Second, you will become endued with “Power From God.” This power is necessary to live a Godly and victorious life while developing spiritual maturity and comes through the Holy Spirit. Third, you receive “Purpose For God.” This is the activation into the calling and ministry that is unique to everyone. We seek to equip and send all believers as we come into agreement with what the Father is saying over them.

2. “Families Strengthened” – We are convinced that the most important and primary place that Jesus must be revealed and manifested is not the church building but the homes of every believer. The strength of the church community is based on the strength of the individual family units; “Strong Families = Strong Church”. This takes the emphasis off of a spiritual “performance” on Sunday mornings and puts the focus on how we live in the privacy of our homes. We are devoted to serving the family unit in every way possible.

3. “Missional Community” – We are not looking to grow the Kingdom of God in order to gain greater power or wealth. Our primary purpose is to GO into every corner of our region with the message of hope found in Jesus; “We Grow to Go, Not to Gain”. We accomplish this through our Hope Missions ministry where we come together as a community on a mission to provide food, clothing, provisions, and community service locally, regionally, and globally, reaching “the least of these”.

Become a part of our Mission by joining us this Sunday!