Pt 3: Breaking the Cycle

October 17, 2023

Series: Under Pressure

Work, family, school, bills, doctor’s visits… do the pressures and demands of life have you feeling like a pot of boiling water? At any moment you might have to release some steam, so everyone better look out! You would have to live under a rock to avoid stress, but so many of us feel consumed and trapped by the pressures of life. Come with us to the scriptures to discover the secrets of overcoming stress, anxiety, pressure, and the impossible expectations the world places on us and we place upon ourselves!

Everyone is in a hurry as we celebrate “busyness”. Our devices have captured our attention more than our own children. Our video games have mastered creating worlds for us to escape into. “Binging” used to be a shameful act of losing self control, but now it just describes a weekend with Netflix. We have become the product for sale as our attention is sold to the highest bidder. Our brains are being destroyed through dopamine overload, hit after hit, like after like, through smart phones and social media. This world seems to be spinning out of control, and many are asking “how do I get OFF?” Listen to our Senior Leader Joel Maillet provide the answers from Jesus: unplug, simplify, and ABIDE.