Pt 2: Consider Your Ways

November 24, 2023

Series: Faith Over Fear

There is a wrestling match constantly taking place in our hearts and minds. When faced with opposition, we have the choice to either cower in fear or rise up in faith. Which will you choose? Join us for the series Faith Over Fear as we expose the darkness and learn to walk in victory

As Christians, we have given up the right to act flippantly or ignorantly. Instead, we are commanded by God to “consider our ways” and “avoid every appearance of evil” in everything we do. This especially includes the constant buzz of activity that surrounds the end of October! Trick-or-Treating, haunted houses, horror movies, costumes, pumpkin carvings… what do the scriptures say about where we draw the line between sin and simple enjoyment? Listen today as our Senior Leader Joel Maillet explores the scriptures to answer these questions and more!