Pt 3: Office of the Apostle

In Ephesians 4, Paul gives instruction to the churches concerning the unique giftings and callings that Jesus has given to His Body by His grace. But are these “offices” still needed today? Are there modern day apostles, prophet, evangelists, teachers, and shepherds? There been a gross abuse of these offices that have caused many in the church to neglect them entirely. So how can a local church body properly and biblically come in to partnership with Lord to fill these extremely important roles? Listen to SCC Senior Leader Joel Maillet answer these questions and more during our series “Five-Fold Ministry – Christ’s Gifts to the Church”!

In this message:

  • Study on the importance of the apostolic role within the church.
  • Apostles nurture entire movements, establish cultures, and lay foundations.
  • Apostles’ responsibilities include edification, building up, and serving.